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This ending year in which many positive and special things took place , which filled us with emotion , with joy, with enthusiasm and mostly with hope, has made it possible to reach 710 315 new readers. To this, there was an additional fact that we could not ignore, the tenth anniversary of our beloved Fundación V.M. Rabolú.


It's ten years of activity in which we can tell many stories, most of them permeated with willfulness, with sacrifice, with effort, and above all with a lot of dedication to fulfil the essential of our object: To promote reading and values by developing social activities and projects.


Like everything in life, there have been difficulties, obstacles and problems that have been overcome painstakingly. Our firm conviction of contributing to the common weal, has made us become every time better human beings.


We have no more to do than to give a thousand and a thousand thanks to all those peasants volunteers, housewives volunteers, workers volunteers, businessmen volunteers, professional volunteers, students volunteers, who in one way or another, have made it possible that, up to this year 2014, the number of readers is above the five million.


That appreciation, what is not enough to put into words, we extend it to each of those who have joined and contributed in order to let the promotion of values and reading continue to reach all possible places.


Altruism is a powerful force that allows for transforming the world.


Our vision of future is dedicated to the new generations, in search of a better and fairer world, of the balance of nature and of the wonderful miracle of life.



Luis Alfonso Mazuera Castillo

Managing Director